Steam Trap Assessment

When steam disappears, you lose energy – this impacts both your finances and our environment. Let us help you get control of your steam traps. We use an instrument that combines ultrasonic and temperature measuring capabilities, and its precision is certified by Lloyd's.

Our methodology

We offer a well-tested method for steam-trap assessments. This method includes several steps:

  • We map out and document all steam traps in the system. We use this when measuring future improvements.
  • We manufacture and mount marking plates.
  • Then we conduct operational tests, measure all steam traps and analyse all measurements. You can get the analysis report in paper format or as an Excel file.
  • Afterwards we present suggested actions. We prepare a maintenance plan that includes on-site visits and monitoring during a set amount of time, as well as any necessary actions.
  • We follow up with another measurement.
  • Once a year, we come back to check the levels again.

We offer fixed prices for our measurements. If you would like to know more, contact us.

Customer benefits

  • Objective analysis using a certified instrument that has both ultrasonic and temperature measuring capabilities
  • Complete control of all your steam traps, since information about them is entered into a database
  • Information from the database can be exported to an Excel file or printed
  • Information on total leak costs in terms of lost live steam per year
  • Maintenance plan that helps you gain control of and lower your costs
  • Fixed prices for measurements
Steam Trap Assessment We offer a well-tested method for steam-trap assessment Complete control of all your steam traps Steam Traps