Our training is based on the idea that you should learn things that you can use on the job. This is why we let the needs and requests of the participants set the focus of the training, and we cover the issues that are important to you. Another important element in our training is the exchange of knowledge among participants – you learn about others' experiences and can share your own. Training is a natural meeting place for people with similar work duties.

The training is group-based with discussions and interaction between the trainer and the participants. This creates a learning-conducive environment, and all participants have the chance to speak up.


Our trainers have several years of experience, both when it comes to training and the industry. By taking one of our courses, you get the chance to have your questions answered by an expert.

Company-adapted training

If there are several people at your company who would like to receive training, or if our planned training sessions conflict with your schedule, we can hold training tailored just for your company. The sessions are held at our office, but we can adjust the content to the needs and requests of your company. Contact us to discuss the setup and price.

Customer benefits

  • Knowledge is a success factor for your company
  • Know-how of which rules, regulations and standards apply
  • Increased efficiency and safety
  • Exchange of knowledge among participants
  • Chance to discuss with an expert
  • Better understanding of planning and execution of valve services
Training Valve Service Our trainers have several years of experience Knowledge is a success factor for your company