Valve Service

When you hire us, you shouldn't need to spend unnecessary money on vehicle and transportation costs. That's why we have five strategically located offices in Sweden. No matter what you work with, we have service technicians nearby who are familiar with your line of business. They have the required expertise and the ability to identify the needs of each customer. They provide security and act as your sounding board, no matter whether you have a simple question or a more serious problem.

We document our experience and have an entire library full of technical instructions that we have collected over the years. This makes it easy for us to handle all makes and types of valves.

As a customer, you should be able to get help quickly and easily, so you do not wind up having long shutdowns. Our service technicians have advanced mobile equipment that they use out in the field. That way they can perform reliable testing and measurements at your facility with the shortest possible lead time for you.

If you would like to know more, contact us.

Let us be a part of your processes

Many companies entrust in us for more than just maintenance. Our expertise together with our know-how of the processes at your company creates productive conditions for the continuous improvement and streamlining of valve maintenance. Considerable cost cuts are the result.

You can also hire us as an advisor when planning the facility's valve maintenance. You get suggestions of the solutions that are best suited for your company.

Rent a valve expert from us

Sometimes you need extra resources; for example, when dealing with work stoppages or sick leaves. At those times, VIMAB can offer staffing solutions on either the long or short term. The companies that rent staff from us say that it gives them time to focus on production instead of administration. And the benefits for your company are many:

  • No recruitment process
  • Shorter start times
  • No HR administration

In addition we can be more flexible in terms of the position's capacity. For example, the number of hours can be increased or decreased if necessary. Contact us to discuss a solution.

Customer benefits

  • Great geographical coverage
  • Largest provider of valve services in Sweden
  • Quality certified
  • Environmental certification process underway
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable employees
  • Many years of experience
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