With our VIMSAFE® concept, you get more efficient service and shorter shutdown periods. You get control of your valve-maintenance costs, and these costs will plummet. And above all, you get control of all the safety valves in your facility.

How VIMSAFE works

We take inventory of and map out all the safety valves in your facility and save this information in a database. We give each valve its own ID with information on make, type, location and function. Together with you and the inspection company, we develop a testing and maintenance profile for each valve and a maintenance plan for all the safety valves in your facility. This way we ensure that we are doing the right thing at the right time and avoid unnecessary and costly measures on healthy components.

Later on we add measurement results and information on conducted and future actions, such as service and repairs. Then we store all the information about conducted tests and the status of the valves. This information is easy to access and easy to act on.

Easily accessible information via the Internet

The online database is easy to access. Just log in with your password, and then search and get information about each safety valve in your facility. You quickly find your certificates, and you always have full control over which actions will take place in the future.

Well-invested money

Entrusting in VIMAB and our concept is an investment that results in lowered valve-maintenance costs and increased operations reliability. This investment pays off after just a year and after five years will yield large savings.

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Customer benefits

  • The maintenance plan contributes to shorter shutdowns and quicker, more efficient service
  • The documentation is available in digital format and easy to access online
  • You get control of the safety valves in your facility
  • Your costs for valve maintenance are cut after just a year
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